Tuesday, 2 August 2011

We've arrived!

We've arrived! Our flight was long, but pleasingly uneventful. Our queue at US Immigration was almost as long - well, it felt like it anyway. Dr. Norton met us at the airport and when we finally stepped outside we were all a bit taken aback by the heat and humidity. The smell of hot humid weather makes me happy as it takes me back to my childhood in Kiribati. Actually, although it is hot and humid here (32 degrees today) it isn't oppressive. Indoors, it is air-conditioned and very pleasant. Outdoors, you do run the risk of burning your feet on the deck but it's still not unplesant to be out in.
On the plane

Dr Norton, Dr X and Blondie made us all feel very welcome and fed us delicious sausages for dinner - always a hit with TR and the Mouse. Finally we tumbled into bed. Goodness knows what time it was on either continent, but when TR hit his head on the kitchen table, that seemed like as good a signal as any to turn in. Clearly if your co-ordination has gone, you're ready for bed!

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