Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Guest blogger: TR

On Friday all the boys went to Dog'n'Suds to eat hotdogs and other things. If you walk, you sit at a table, but if you use the car you get to sit in it and have a tray clipped onto your window! I had a hotdog, some sprite and some chips. It was really yummy!

After Dog and Suds we came home. It was exciting because there were just boys. We played the X-Box. I played the car game and space invaders.

Mrs Ruby here. TR had a wonderful time on his 'lads night out'. The next morning, the first words he said were, *sigh* 'I wish it could be yesterday all over again.'


  1. Aw! I'm sure Coco would like a lads time with you too, TR. Maybe Bunny and Lexy could do something together while Mrs Ruby and Prom Queen drink tea. We'll have to sort out Mr R, Teenage Ted and E as well but lets worry about that later.

  2. awww....TR's first lads night!