Sunday, 21 August 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr Ruby!

Thursday was Mr Ruby's birthday, so we celebrated in relaxed style. TR and the Mouse had been busy the day before, making him a card (the Mouse) and a jigsaw puzzle (TR). On holiday in Door County TR painted him a small ceramic fish, so all the gifts and cards were wrapped and ready for him. Of course, Mr Ruby had planned a nice lie-in but the children had other ideas and were eager to help him unwrap his gifts as soon as they awoke. Best laid plans, eh Mr Ruby? Still, I did take them down for breakfast afterwards, so he didn't have to get out of bed for a while.

Once downstairs and breakfasted, the Mouse busied herself by baking her dad a chocolate birthday cake, which she and TR later decorated with a selection of Lego minifigures, GoGos and Moshlings.

Dr Norton took the afternoon off work, so he and Mr Ruby busied themselves geting Dr Norton's motorcycle collection out of the garage. Mr Ruby, TR and I had a go at sitting in them. The Mouse was busy with her dolls.

Don't even think about it, TR.

Mr Ruby had a go too. Here is he is, observing Illinois State Law. If you ride a motorcycle here, a helmet is optional but shades are mandatory. Insane! If his mum is reading this, he didn't actually ride it and we never took off his stabilisers.

In the evening we all walked into Grayslake for a meal and some refreshing IPA at 'Emil's'. I don't know how strong that beer was, but Dr X and I had some difficulty in walking back up the hill! Blondie pretty much disowned us both. Who can blame her?

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Mr R! And why didn't Mrs R ride a bike (esp after a beer)?