Monday, 22 August 2011

How not to fall off a pony.

Hi Bunny here, thats the Mouse's new name.
On Friday I went horse riding with;Mrs Ruby, Dr.X & Blondie. It was so much fun!
I was led around on a little pony called Popcorn, by Blondie, whilst Mrs Ruby rode Billy, Dr X's horse, and Dr X rode the other Popcorn, Blondie's horse. I learned some balancing tricks, how to hold the reins and how to make Popcorn trot. Sort of half-way through Popcorn broke into a run because one of the barn kittens ran out in front of us. I wasn't even holding the saddle horn - I was just holding the reins! I'm just glad Blondie could stop me before I fell off. But I still kept riding!

Me and Popcorn.

Later! (As the Bratz would say.)xx


  1. Hi Bunny! Glad you stayed on the pony! Coco the Bear here (ask Mrs Ruby who that is) is missing you and TR. And I am missing Mrs Ruby xx

  2. Hi Bunny...whew! glad your okay...must of been alittle scary for a bit. Good for you for keep riding...can't wait to see all your photos from your trip & to hear all about it when your home...miss you guys. D x

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