Monday, 29 August 2011

Gee, it's good to be back home again

...although it's cold, none of us can sleep and our house feels...well...tiny! I've been using the nervous energy to do some de-cluterring. I reckon I'm getting quite good at it, although if the kids don't get over their jet-lag and start sleeping soon, I can't promise they won't be added to one of the piles of stuff! (Just kidding!!!!)

So (I may be back home, but I'm still using that little Americanism), we caught the flight home OK and were pleased to be travelling on a new Boeing 777-300 - mainly because we liked the touch-screen TVs! TR slept for most of the flight. The Mouse did fairly well, although she didn't sleep for as long as TR and had to resort to some early hours in-flight CBeebies watching.

Back at Heathrow we watched the rain teeming down (welcome home!) and then joined the passport queues. Mr Ruby and the children took great delight in bidding me farewell as they headed off for the fast-track queue (they all have newer-style passports), leaving me in the 'snail's pace' line. They were less delighted when they discovered that you can only use the fast-track lane if you're 18 or over, which meant them joining another slow queue. Obviously Mr Ruby couldn't sail through the queue on his own, because he now had charge of the children. Naturally I was gracious and only sniggered a little when I went through passport control ahead of them. (Heh-heh!)

My dad met us at the airport and it was good to see him again! He drove us home, while we tried valiantly to look wide awake. What time was it again? What continent were we on?

Since being home we have tried - and thus far failed - to get back onto GMT. Still, there's always GMTea, so it's not all bad. In fact, I think I hear Mr Ruby boiling the kettle now...

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