Sunday, 7 August 2011


We're staying in Door County, Wisconsin, having what I believe the locals would describe as 'an awesome time.'  I think we have been awed by some of Door County's scenery...and the cherries and fish boils are definitely awesome!

Yesterday we took the car ferry to Washington Island and what a lovely place that is! It's green and wooded, with beautiful beaches (School House Beach being particularly awesome) and you can get what I now believe to be the best coffee in the whole wide world.

TR and the Mouse loved the beach. They both had a go at sunbathing (it's OK - I had them swathed in UV suits, hats and Boot's 'Once' suncream), while their parents sat in the shade, and pronounced it a great success. TR also loved the ferry ride, although he was sad to leave and said he wanted to live on Washington Island. Mr Ruby said he'd like to spend his summers there, but come home to England for the winters. I quite fancy the idea of a home on Washington Island, complete with a Fisher Price-style farm and a small herd of dairy cows. (Obviously I'll need to employ a professional milk-taster.)

Here are some photos of our day on Washington Island.

TR beside his stone cairn. (It was awesome.)
The Mouse, looking lovely (as ever)
I will ask the Doctors and Blondie if it's OK to post pictures of them on here. 'Til then, you'll just have to make do with the Rubies.

Mr Ruby strikes a Boden-pose.

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