Monday, 22 August 2011

The Age of Enlightenment

Every year, Dr Norton, Dr X and Blondie head for Bristol (Wisconsin, not Gloucestershire) for the 'Renaissance Faire'. Since one of my favourite episodes of Big Bang Theory involves a Renaissance Faire, I thought we'd give it a go too. If you do the same, follow Raj's advice to Sheldon and pretend you are exploring a planet similar to Earth in the 1500s. It makes it all slightly less bizarre! Either that or pretend you've fallen into a Monty Python film.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of 'Ren Faires', you go to a place that's been decked out like Ye Olde Merrie Englande, dress up if you want to (Tudor garb would seem most fitting, but anything goes - I saw more than one pirate, crusade knight, fairy, and slapper of indeterminate historical era), watch jousting matches, shop for all kinds of ye olde thinges, queue for ages to use the portaloos, eat ye curly fries and drink copious amount of beer. You also see a lot of bosums, on account of all the well-laced corsets. If you're English, you get to reassure stall-holders that, yes, your accent is the real deal and, yes, every street in Britain looks just like this. I have to say, though, there were some very good fake accents going on! Better than my own, in some cases.

A man in a privy hands TR a magic stone. (Don't ask - Mr Ruby went with him and I have no idea!)

Blondie, the Mouse Bunny and TR got into the spirit of things by dressing as a dryad, princess and dragon, respectively. (Contrary to malicious suggestions currently doing the rounds on the Internet, Mr Ruby is not in fancy dress. I bought him that hat, so ner!)
TR's dragon hat: two halves of a paper plate, sewn onto a sun hat. Is there no end to my talents?

Bunny particularly loved the swing boats and trying to climb the pirate's rope ladders. TR loved watching sword fights and having a go at firing a cross-bow. We all got into the spirit of the jousting tournament! How we cheered for our brave knight! (Although I was slightly disappointed that we weren't assigned the young, blond one.)

Not the one I fancied One of the knights.
Two fairies meet.
We also got to meet some of Dr Norton and Dr X's work colleagues -  the 'Abbotteers' - and what a lovely bunch they are!
'Uncle' Harry, Brian and Tomas.

Brian, Tomas and Tracey.

Here's how I ended the day. Yes, it looks like a cucumber on a lolly stick because it is. $1.50 for a dill pickle on stick. You can't say fairer than that! I have to say, it was delicious and very refreshing.

And to think I got excited over a Spongebob popsicle!

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