Monday, 8 August 2011

Two goats and a goose

Apparently it was TR's greatest wish that we all head off to Sister Bay today, for a spot of Crazy Golf, or 'Adventure Golf' as they call it here. I don't know: it was fairly crazy and at no point did I check to see if Bear Grylls was with us, so I think I'll go with the British term for it. First though, we stopped at Al Johnson's Swedish Cafe, to fill up on their delicious cooked breakfasts and admire the goats on the roof.

Actual goat on an actual roof.

Door County has a decidedly Nordic feel to it, what with the fjord-like coastline (I know it's not actual coast, it's Lake Michigan, but it's so big it looks like the sea!), the many signs saying 'Valkommen! and the businesses and houses almost all bearing names like 'Jensen' and 'Lundqvist'. This is good for me as, in addition to my little love affair with America, I've also got a crush on Scandinavia. Two holidays for the price of one, eh?

Al Johnson's is very popular in high season, so we had to wait a while to be seated, thus ensuring that our breakfast became brunch and we all skipped lunch. This caused the Mouse some concern later, when at nine o'clock at night she insisted that we fed her lunch, because she'd missed out on that particular meal. This was about an hour and a half after she'd finished eating an enormous dinner, so we declined to oblige her on that particular request.
A big meal!

After brunch we went to 'Pirate Cove Adventure Golf'. TR pronounced the whole experience, 'awesome!', of course. He was especially taken with the golfing greens with tunnels, where you could whack your ball into the water and watch it magically reappear on the green. Apparently these were the 'awesome holes'.

Blondie and the Mouse marvel at the reappearing ball. TR lines up for a hole-in-several.

Our adventurous golfing over, we feasted on Spongebob Popsicles and then went next door to the go-kart track. The Mouse and I declined to race but TR and Blondie played co-driver to Mr Ruby's and Dr Norton's race drivers, while Dr X sped round the track in her own kart. TR was delighted to have a ride in an 'actual Mario Kart' and declared that his dad was Mario and Dr Norton was Luigi. Blondie, Dr Norton and Mr Ruby then had a go at the softball batting cages. I'm pretty certain each of them hit a home run at some point.

Oh no: my teeth look like Spongebob's!

After a refreshing swim at the motel, we walked into Fish Creek for a Fish Boil at Pelletier's. Fish Boils are a Door County specialty and I recommend you try one, if ever you get the chance. Small fires are built outside, over which are placed large fish kettles. The water in them is brought to boiling point and a basket of fish is lowered into the kettle. Just as the fire is really getting going, they pour kerosene onto the fire and the whole thing goes up like a volcano! The basket of fish is then removed and delicious cutlets of fish are served at your table, along with new potatoes, coleslaw, a sweet onion and rye bread. Awe...wait for it...some!
All-American Girl

Slightly less awesome was my faux pas at Pelletier's, when I accidentally goosed a waiter. Mr Ruby's response, when I confessed my crime, was, 'Not again, woman!' I can't help it: I'm clumsy and I wave my arms about a lot! His backside was sticking out as I walked past. It was an accident waiting to happen. Blondie wanted to know, 'What did he look like?' My reply was, 'Shocked!'

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  1. I suspect that Coco the Bear will be green with envy when he hears about the Mario Kart adventures! Are fish boilers a way of getting your own back on fish?
    Go easy on the waiters!